Jess Baker Psychologist
Jess Baker Psychologist
Business Psychologist & Coach
Business Psychologist & Coach 


Get that lightbulb moment

Are you ...

Feeling stuck?

Unsure of your next career move?

Tired of procrastinating?

Lacking in confidence? 

Getting in your own way?


If you have ever not done something because you've felt anxious, self-conscious or worried...

You are not alone

You're in the right place


I've got professional (and personal) experience of all of these and I know I can help you move into a more positive, self-compassionate, self-confident place, ready to step-up and lean-in. 

The Right Coach for You

Most coaches will tell you how great they are and how they can help you get quick results.


But the truth is, only you can decide who's going to be good for you.


That's why offer an initial 30 minute Discovery Conversation with clients to help us to decide if and how we can work together.


As a Chartered Psychologist I also offer you access to some great personality profiling tools and give you detailed feedback: not to 'put you in a box', but to help see yourself and your situtation from a different perspective.


I use a range of profiling tools because knowing your strengths, understanding your core values and knowing what motivates you, can help you make better life choices. 

Coaching Themes

I can help you...

  • Become unstuck

  • Make heart-centered decisions

  • Create boundaries at work and in your relationships

  • Assert yourself with grace

  • Develop your Personal Impact or Personal Brand

  • Develop your authentic leadership style

  • Discover 'your thing'

  • Find a strong sense of identity

How Does Coaching Work?

Once I have a better idea about how I can help you, we'll book in our first few sessions. 


Some clients get to that break-through 'aha' moment in just three sessions, and some clients need a more profound shift that takes longer. 


Coaching sessions can be set up weekly or less frequently, via Skype.


I always provide mid-session email support and reminders. 


You'll have a little bit of homework and exercises to do between sessions to help keep you on track and support your progress. 


Don't wait for a sign to make a change. Life's too short. 


Email me, click here.



Scroll down to see some of my Coaching Packages that are focused on specific themes, such as "Career Reboot", "Creating Boundaries", and "I am Enough" (for daughters of narcissistic mothers).

If you'd like more information
scroll down to book your free 30-minute Discovery Consultation with me.  

Free 30 minute Discovery Consultation

Book your 30-minute

free discovery consultation


What clients say...

"I have struggled with my confidence trying to find a permanent role for some time and I needed a change. The most important thing is she made me realise my worth. Jess is a great listener, calm, fun and committed. I have stopped beating my self up about stuff and have a more positive outlook on my future and abilities, thanks to Jess's guidance. I can't recommend her services enough."

D.C., Career Coachee

"I found the workshop very engaging, informative and insghtful... plus Jess's delivery made it enjoyable and fun. I came away putting new knowledge and practical actions immediately in place, which has made a big diference. I definitely experienced a 'shift' as a result! Thank you!"

Cory Cook, Productivity Coach

"Jess is engaging and insightful. A true professional with a passion for her area of business psychology."

Senior Resourcing Manager Financial Services

"Jess is a highly professional and committed Business Psychologist.

She has strong teamworking and leadership skills and brings a great deal of personal energy to her work. She backs this up with a high level of delivery and is fun to work with."

Head of L&D

Global Retail Bank 

"Jess is professional to the core, insightful, detail conscious without loosing

sight of the bigger picture." 

Senior Business Psychologist
Financial Services

"Jess came to speak at my event in Surrey. Well we were in for a treat. She is a fantastic speaker, clear in her views and brings her message across with passion. if you are thinking of having Jess as a speaker, I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed." 

Leonie wright, Eat Wright Ltd

"Jess Baker is a STAR. She has turned her career on its head several times and her wealth of experience gives her
talks the WOW factor. Always informative, entertaining and thought 
provoking - a true professional."

Jane Hardy, CEO
Fabulous Women Ltd

"Engaging, thought-provoking and humorous talk from psychologist Jess Baker, shining a light on deeply ingrained practices in the beauty and media industry. A 'Must-Hear' message for every woman! "

Monica Castenetto
Life Direction Coach

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